Fire Suppression System/Sprinkler Maintenance and Service

A sprinkler system is the go-to choice for getting all the guarantees you need to protect your Calgary business or your home from fire. The correct system, custom-built to your requirements and correctly placed in your one-of-a-kind property, will respond swiftly and efficiently to any fire emergency. However, it will not work optimally unless adequate fire sprinkler repairs and maintenance are performed.

Complete maintenance programs are offered to ensure your system is always working in top condition. Relocating sprinkler heads, repairing leaks or draining low points on a dry system. No fire sprinkler service call is too large, small unimportant or unnecessary, take your Calgary fire protection security system’s concerns to us and we’ll always be more than happy to help you solve them.

No matter how good your fire sprinkler system is, it will corrode and leak at some time throughout its life. There are a number of things that may happen to a system that will impair its capacity to function properly, so let’s go through a few things to check for that will raise the red flag that you need repairs.


A visible leak is an unmistakable indication that you should contact a professional right away to perform repairs. A leak can occur for a variety of reasons, including malfunctioning equipment, collisions that cause damage, rusted pipes, poor seals, fittings that are too tight – you name it, and it may cause a leak.


Have you ever observed how your Calgary fire sprinkler contractor injects air into the pipes during normal maintenance? This is a vital step in ensuring there are no damaged pipes, but air can become trapped and cause false alarms. This is another indication that you should contact your contractor right away to get things remedied.


A poorly installed system, as well as a poorly planned system, will result in equipment failure. Finally, if you haven’t had your system inspected on a regular basis, it will be prone to equipment failure.


Sprinklers are frequently damaged or handled in such a way that they become loose, whether by a random action or an accident. Regular maintenance will enable you to detect loose or damaged sprinklers and fix or replace them before a fire emergency develops.


Fire requires oxygen, yet oxygen is the culprit that causes corrosion in many components of your fire sprinkler system. When you see discoloured water, usually a rust colour, or get a whiff of something that smells like rotten eggs, it might be corrosion in your system causing leaks. Call Calgary fire protection expert Gunner Fire Protection to repair the problem areas before they cause your complete system to fail.


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