Fire Suppression System Testing and Inspection

Gunner Fire Protection offers industry-leading inspection and test service of fire suppression systems. We have a strong team of over 30 trained technicians and sprinkler system installers in Calgary, Alberta who are committed to conducting A+ quality inspections and have years of experience working in the trade to support them.

Regular inspections are not only required by the NFPA code but are suggested as a means to protect the lives and property of the people using the property.

Test and inspection contracts provided by us to our clients ensure your critical inspections are not forgotten. If requested, we can send you weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual or customized reminders when an inspection is due.

A fire sprinkler system will remain in good working order and in compliance with ever-changing requirements if it is properly maintained and inspected on a regular basis.

We provide monthly, quarterly, and yearly testing for Calgary sprinkler systems, standpipes, extinguishers, backflows, fire pumps, and alarms for commercial and residential buildings of all sizes, in addition to maintenance services.

Sprinklers are such an important component of your fire protection strategy that they must be examined and tested on a regular basis to ensure they are working properly. If you are a company owner or facility manager in Calgary, you may be asking how frequently your sprinkler systems should be examined and tested.

Sprinkler systems are made up of a plethora of diverse elements, including various controls, gauges, and pipes. These must be inspected at regular intervals to ensure they are suitable for purpose. The following are the suggested inspection intervals for the various components of a sprinkler system


Because gauges are such an important part of any sprinkler system, they should be examined at least once a week in dry, pre-action, and deluge systems to ensure they are in good working order. The wet pipe gauges can go for a month without needing to be inspected.


More thorough inspections of water flow alarm devices, valve alarm devices, control valves, signal devices, hydraulic nameplates, and fire department connections are required every three months. It is recommended to do a physical test on all fire sprinkler mechanical devices every three months. Vane and pressure switch type devices should be checked every six months.


  • Anti-freeze sprinkler
  • Backflow prevention testing
  • Deluge sprinkler
  • Dry pipe sprinkler
  • Extinguishing systems
  • Fire pump testing
  • Pre-action sprinkler
  • Private fire service main testing
  • Standpipe system testing
  • Water spray systems
  • Wet pipe sprinkler
  • Fire extinguisher inspection and testing
  • Educational facilities
  • Retirement buildings
  • Manufacturing
  • Paint spray booths
  • Various unique applications


Inspections will next go on to the pipes and fittings, hangar/seismic bracing, signs, and the sprinklers themselves. Your fire sprinkler system should be thoroughly tested once a year. From water flow and fire pump inspections to alarm testing and trip testing of dry pipe, deluge, and pre-action valves, technicians will physically inspect every component of your system.

Once every five years

It is suggested that you fully inspect all internal pipes associated with your sprinkler system, check for obstructions, and service as needed. You should conduct preventive checks on any sprinklers that have been exposed to extreme temperatures or severe circumstances. At this time, gauges on all types of sprinkler systems should be checked and/or replaced.

After 10 years, dry sprinkler systems should be inspected and/or replaced. Standard sprinklers should be tested after 50 years and then at 10-year intervals after that. Fast-response sprinklers should be tested after 20 years and then at 10-year intervals after that.

A fire sprinkler system of any sort is essential to any fire protection plan. As a result, you must ensure that your system is periodically examined and tested to ensure that it is ready in the event of a crisis.

Hire a local Calgary fire protection company – Gunner Fire Protection – that provides competent employees to do these duties for you, and utilize their reports to continuously monitor and enhance the operation of your sprinklers.


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National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Calgary Construction Association (CCA), Alberta Construction Safety Association (COR). At Gunner Fire Protection, we take safety very seriously.


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