Sprinkler System/Fire Suppression System Installations

We provide full-service consulting and design for new building projects in Calgary requiring an automatic sprinkler system. Our service promises are honoured throughout the service and warranty period. All our systems are designed and installed according to NFPA standards.

Sprinkler System Installations

Even the best-designed fire sprinkler system is useless if it is not properly installed. Gunner Fire Protection specializes in all types of fire sprinkler installations, including wet, dry, pre-action, and deluge systems in Calgary, Alberta.

Our customer service is excellent, and we provide a variety of extra services that will improve the quality of your system, such as routine inspection, maintenance, and repair. Our reaction times are rapid, and we will make sure that any issue you have is addressed as soon as possible.

Fire Suppression Systems – Calgary Fire sprinkler installation services


Allow Gunner Fire Protection to manage the design, construction, and installation of one of the best fire sprinkler systems. Gunner Fire Protection eliminates any uncertainty about what your property requires, how it is constructed, or how it is eventually placed to match your structure and your specific demands.


When a property is repurposed or redesigned, it may need some changes to your existing system. Furthermore, because local Calgary and national laws change on a frequent basis, you’ll need to ensure that you’re in compliance, especially with your sprinkler heads. In certain circumstances, a complete replacement may be necessary for a retrofit situation, particularly if the system is old or the sort of business within it deals with various sorts of hazardous chemicals.


If a portion of your structure is reused, it will almost certainly need a different kind or number of sprinklers. This may necessitate the installation of new piping in addition to the sprinklers, so pick a contractor such as Gunner Fire Protection with the necessary skills and experience.

Commercial & Residential

If your commercial property is bigger than 5,000 square feet, the law requires a licensed fire sprinkler system to be installed. Regardless of the size of your commercial building, you should consider installing a fire sprinkler system to ensure that the structure and everything inside it are completely safe from fire. Sprinklers are required even if your business is only a storage facility to guarantee that if there is a fire, it does not damage nearby structures.

We specialize in Calgary fire protection system design, supplying complete detection and fire suppression systems, and provide top-quality installation, service, training, and other services.

Our team’s strength is working on high-rise towers and large commercial real estate developments. Our focus is on the latest technology in the fire suppression industry. We take great pride in all our projects and offer support to all our clients.


Gunner Fire Protection focuses on Calgary fire suppression systems, Calgary fire protection system installation, testing, inspection, and maintenance of fire protection systems that protect your business. We service commercial and residential customers. We provide experienced and professional fire protection services all over Canada. Our head office is located in Calgary, Alberta.


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National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Calgary Construction Association (CCA), Alberta Construction Safety Association (COR). At Gunner Fire Protection, we take safety very seriously.


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