Types of Fire Suppression Systems in Calgary and which one should you use?

Types of Fire Suppression Systems in Calgary and which one should you use?

Four major types of commercial fire sprinkler systems

While there may be some similarities between the many types of sprinkler systems, each has distinct characteristics that need specific training and experience to fix effectively. The four most prevalent types of commercial fire sprinkler systems and the repairs connected with them are listed below.

    • Wet pipe sprinkler repair

      The most frequent form of sprinkler placed in a Calgary business facility is the wet pipe sprinkler. It is the most straightforward and dependable. The pipelines are always under water pressure, and each individual sprinkler activates as needed. However, if the heating system fails during the cold winter months, the water in the pipes is vulnerable to freezing, which can lead to damage. In addition, because they are constantly in touch with water, pipes and sprinklers can corrode, necessitating maintenance or replacement.


    • Dry pipe sprinkler repair

      Dry pipe systems are used in non-temperature regulated environments. For example, in a big Calgary warehouse where items do not need to be kept at a certain temperature, heating that large space during the cold winter months would be costly, but the facility still needs fire protection. As a result, a dry pipe system is constructed, which means that water is not present in the pipes until needed, keeping them from freezing. Temperature variations, on the other hand, have been known to create valve problems in these systems. Furthermore, they are vulnerable to damage if they collide with heavy moving items, such as forklifts.


    • Pre-action sprinkler repair

      The pre-action sprinkler system is an excellent solution for constructions housing very precious materials, such as fine art or highly sensitive and costly electronics. Water is held back in the lines by compressed gas or air until the system is called upon in an emergency. This sort of system is activated by two triggers, which prevent false alarms. The electrically controlled valves are part of a complicated system that must be serviced on a regular basis if it is to function correctly.


    • Deluge sprinkler repair

      Structures containing extremely hazardous or combustible materials are classified as high-hazard occupancies, which require immediate fire suppression in the case of a fire. Massive volumes of water or foam are discharged at once, neutralizing a possible hazard and avoiding explosions or the release of poisonous gases. Because the valves in these systems are meant to stay idle for lengthy periods of time, they provide a particular difficulty. Checking them every three months will guarantee that they do not fail in the case of a fire.


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